13th Pet Wellness Festival
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Raising Awareness about Pet Wellness and Education
Different Causes - Common Goals - Strong Connections
Knowledge - Harmony - Whole Health - Well-Being

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When a therapy dog enters the room, the energy shifts to positive within a few seconds, Maureen Ross, MA
If I had only one wish, it would be to see the world through their eyes if only for a moment, Dr. Jane Goodall

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What makes the Pet Wellness Festival Special?  

PWF began as a thought and evolved into a celebration of well-being and lifelong connections.

PWF is a fund-raiser for the Registered Therapy Teams of New England Pet Partners, Inc. It is a way of learning more about how pets benefit our lives and a way to pay-it-forward, giving back to the therapy teams, while gifting enjoying yourself or giving your pet a fun few hours.

There can never be too many events about well-being, only different events that offer possibilities / opportunities for us. and our pets, to live longer, healthier lives with awareness, clarity, compassion and confidence.  

PWF waggily rhymes with sniff. It is in a smaller, more intimate environment. Most people flow away from PWF with a warm feeling, empowering information, and a sense of connection.

We listen, we hear and we share, helping to make sense of all the information
by honoring the individual 's and pet's lifestyle and needs.

People have the opportunity to engage and gather information, so they can make informed choices about their pet's well-being. Learn about the possibility of becoming a therapy team - or volunteering. 

Dedicated contributors offer services such as TTouch, Reiki, Canine Massage, Acupressure, nutritional support, Wellness and Behavior Counseling, Integrative Veterinary Care (allopathic and holistic), Homeopathy, and more ... (jewelry, photographs, games for dog teams) and play area outdoors.    

Heart-centered gratitude to all of the volunteers, sponsors, mentors, and especially, the pets who make us better people. Pets change our lives.

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