13th Pet Wellness Festival
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Raising Awareness about Pet Wellness and Education
Different Causes - Common Goals - Strong Connections
Knowledge - Harmony - Whole Health - Well-Being

People will forget what you said to them. People will forget how you looked at them,
but people will always remember how you make them feel. - Maya Angelou

Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole - Roger Caras

I think people who enjoy pets are more empathetic. - Betty White

PWF Slide Shows, videos and images of NEPP's Pet Therapy Teams over the years can be viewed here:
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Daily Doga  To learn more about Reiki, Massage, TTouch (other) Daily Doga Q&A

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Happy pwfing ... below are some fun images of NEPP's and PWF's yearly event.

Pet Wellness Festival

Pure Joy

Dog-to-dog Reiki offering

Dancing with the dogs
Ready Set "Dance"

Ellen, Reiki for your Pets with Pam & Nike

Jake, crowded petting!

Take a deep nose-to-navel breath